Resolutions To Resolve….

As I think back upon January 1st – it was a beautiful day as all others this year! The tradition of the New Year is of a special interest to me.

I think of how much positive “flow” exists throughout the year for so many toward the build up to the “eve” of the “New Year” – and for so many to make resolutions to there existing live’s! Do people know why they do – is it for culture, fun, tradition, intoxication, etc… – how many smiles are there out there … how many frowns… how many small term or long term goals are made that are c’mon now, realistic ? How many dreams for the New Year are really set individually each year… such a fresh new start for so many minds …. how many wishes?

And yet, how much of that positive energy as we all know exists, those personal goals and quests go for nothing – But a waste of words and in the end I believe will lead to a lack of trust in oneself.

Does anyone wonder what is so ceremonial about January 1st that allows us to believe we will do something new “then” – or stop something old “then” when the fact is, the vast majority generally forget or find trivial what we thought was important only days or weeks beforehand… only afterwards it seems most times 🙂

I say, why not have the mind set to have a January 1st…” a fresh start” of sorts every day?

To set and continue to set, re-set and re-set your-self throughout the year … and possibly use January 1st as a day within a NEW calender year to find some really good college football games to watch or use as a baseline of your scales so to speak toward improving meeting the needs/support/goals from the previous day, week, month, goal, or year that you had made for yourself – and I say YOURSELF! It’s not a time to measure you against another – it’s what you have set forth – moved – progressed – inhaled – measured for you and only you know whether that goal has been reached.

I think for the disabled, we tend to place unrealistic goals upon ourselves generally …. and when the new year hits – it can be a crushing defeat to not have met or come close to what your mind may have set. One needs to know what a goal is – how to be specific –  and be realistic with his/her goal(s).

I believe in order to Resolve – one needs to know what to solve first! Doesn’t that just make plain sense? We usually all know our concerns/problems and generally don’t need a therapist for that. It’s the solution that sometimes we don’t have within our hand bag or tool kit for solving. However, I believe you do. Yes, I believe you do! If you think about this …. you probably have solved millions of concerns/problems in your life – some maybe with not good choices, but you have. How would you know how to solve a problem without making a mistake first, in a sense.

I do believe January 1st is special and do not want to disrespect a person’s desire to utilize that time for any reason. But, why I wonder do we seek that day as a day to begin our resolutions when I believe we should be resolving them throughout the year! How do we resolve throughout the year? I believe through our strengths – not weaknesses. It is easy to look at what went wrong in any situation – a key in resolution is finding out what went right…and repeating it! Sounds easy – it is…. Grief/Life/Parenting/Relationships/Trauma/etc..

For instance – (unrelated, yet related)…. I heard of a story of a Hall of fame baseball player who could hit the ball a mile and continually held a batting title. During one point in the season, he went into a strikeout slump and just could not hit the ball. He would watch tape after tape of him striking out and seeing if he could find out what he may have been doing wrong. He never quite found it! He was looking in the wrong place. He was looking at pictures/images of what he was doing wrong and where he failed and his resolve was low understandably. However, once a very mindful coach figured out from another point of view – to look at those times when he was doing everything right – he begin to look from another lens. He did so and it wasn’t long before he got his swing back and got back on track!

He didn’t wait until January 1st either. He had to resolve…. as we all do at times.

I ask that you wake up every morning and think of 3 things you are blessed with and have resolved with your life and then try and get frustrated…….good luck! Your mind is already thinking to positively to become dismayed…take this time as well to make goals…to RESOLVE again… to set new sights for you to achieve and be the best you can be!

As is in my home – a family motto ….1) Try your best  2) Never give up  3) Have the most fun you can …..(and always listen to Dad)!

Truly treasure every day with hope and set to achieve your best year round. I believe you will find much resolve in your life and January 1st will come very quickly!! 🙂

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