It has been so long, so many journey’s and so many reflections since my last post …but, one thing is constant – my love for life! Within a few weeks of my “survivor” anniversary – I can’t  help but to think around this time each year ….this date –  all the what if’s, the why’s, the how’s, the bad stories and of course, how I’ve shifted my life to the present. People question my zeal of life yet no-one know how precious it is until YOU loose it or in my case, a part of it. Yet, my love of life and will to live continues with conviction and unexplainable conviction.

June 8  equated to death, paralysis, loss of voice, career, finances, home, time, “planned/expected future”, my brand of parenting, experiencing beyond social discrimination, creating self brain wars, you name it …. and all the while, living a life that somehow I had not planned but, had been planned for me! I believe I have climbed the mountain top as they say – I have also rolled head over heals back down a few times a long my ride as well. Despite what we may venture through and experience, good or bad – I really believe we can relish it as a lesson if we choose to. Given the options, I choose to….. how about you?

Life to me is like that mountain – We have a solid foundation/base to maintain ourselves – you can sit and go nowhere or move and travel upward upon that mountain of life through all challenges, bumps, rocky hills, steep terrains and at times the ease of the valleys of life and we can perch anywhere at any time and be at ease if we choose within our own lens and not by another’s; or we can continue and rise to an even bigger challenge and climb further to reach our peak with a mirror of you, the path paved, to be paved – with your life/world. One of my favorite quotes – “When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change”. This greatly applies to life, the mountain and where you choose to perch within your life will provide different views. My experience has been when I have climbed a mountain – there will be another within your view you may choose to climb or not. I don’t think life can be defined by the mountains we climb, but by whether we choose to climb them or not. Each one has a lesson in life.

I read recently in a friends post, where one thought one should love… love – before anything/anyone else. I agree! Sounds easy…learning how is a little bit harder though I must say. As she described , it does indeed take limits off and is in essence giving in to the universe. I believe that love should start within each of us that will without question flow outward. I have so much love I want to share that I hope to offer to others in services and maybe by re-beginning this blog may help others consistently rebuild and place value upon all life!

I have a question – If you only had a few hours to live your “life” – who would you call, why that person, what would you say and who would you spend it with? I ask simply for this reason … what are you waiting for? Smile and Live!

Brett Green

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