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Throughout this journey – my intention was not to write a book. However – after time, it became a mission. Once doing so, I have been so ever so gracefully humbled.

I have received tremendous support for trials endured and recognition of the healing process, but more importantly – I have received so many e-mails (many from anonymous people) who have been encouraged – who have told me of  a new found “hope” if you will …. and better understanding of a process, not a destination – that no matter what the circumstances, there exists a passage way of such similar trails … a bond like glue, we are!

My book I now know offers a “true” glimpse into trauma , but more importantly the road toward recovery – no matter what the circumstance. Seize your day!

This is Not it” – A Journey Through Trauma” 

by Brett Green, LMFT – Published by Balboa Press, 2012

I am currently distributing my books at groups, workshops and presentations for free and in part – to assist colleagues toward earning Certificates of Earned Attendance/Units.

If you would like to purchase book directly and better come to feel, know and understand an incredible 6 year period of time toward a process of healing, assist in the advocating of the disabled, and understand both sides of the couch from a therapist’s perspective…

I have a highly powerful and motivational book for you. I am selling it for only for $13.00 and will mail directly to your door from mine.

If you would like to order from me -please respond to and I will be in direct contact. Thank you!

Or you may order on-line –  using ……..  Brett Green,LMFT, “This is NOT it”! 🙂


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