What happened to February?

I sitting here laughing at myself thinking am I getting old… or did January just last a really long, long time? It amazes me how precious life is …. how precious time is and we know it, but somehow it slips through and away from us. Why?

To self reflect,  how many of us kept on track with those New Year Resolutions we made to ourselves – what did we resolve? Was the year really a new start for you?

I’ve said this before to those and about who I’ve seen survive trauma’s … Those who can put themselves in the drivers seat of their car of “life” and look straight ahead threw that big, huge glass windshield that allows you to move “forward” in any direction that you choose – hopefully straight, narrow and positive!

However, to often, as we sit in that drivers’s seat – we become addicted and reflect upon our past… and look in that tiny little rear-view mirror taking our eyes, mind and behaviors into our past, losing focus on the big picture of  TODAY … the here and now – and of your life’s windshield!

Your past is as good as it will ever be be! You cant change it or control it – no matter how hard you try.

However, you must not lose sight of your today and what may need to be resolved for your tomorrow to be even better! I am a believer that there is no problem or concern without a solution – the key is finding it! I know it can be done! I know you can find the answer….. to resolve – anything!

As March rolls in – although February was a work in progress blur for me – I anticipate the year to gently move onward and the challenges to continue…. and that OK!

What happened to February? I am sure there are many disabled and trauma people who wonder what happened yesterday…last week…and so forth. I am sure there are many trauma and disabled people who are concerned about tomorrow and next week and so forth – I have been on both sides of the fence so to speak.

Compare if you will – think about the differences in resolutions and resolve the trauma and disabled are forced to set and achieve to survive while so many take for granted the little things that they may make and do that are…… – What happened to Humanity? …. 🙂


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