Brett’s Journey

My unexpected Traumatic Event, like any other one who has suffered such, has changed my life forever!

I like to use the analogy of a Giant Oak Tree that has fallen unexpected and there are hundreds, if not thousands of roots attached to that one tree that are affected and may become infected. In my case, I felt as though I was that Giant Oak Tree for so many years, for so many people and there were many roots that counted upon me to firmly rise up after my Trauma. Although I could not, even though countless people worked on this “Tree” and tried to help. People forgot that there were roots to this tree that were also traumatized and that those deep roots were not initially acknowledged or addressed. Where there is one Traumatic survivor… let it never be forgotten there are multiple others as well!

The journey to the before and after my “Fall and Rise” has been a very long, arduous, painful and yet remarkable process. I say a process because it’s continuing and as such, can never be a final destination where I can pretend as though …I’m done with my journey and can sit back and relax! On the contrary, it’s a knock ya back… humbling… life learning lesson full of divine interventions and therefore; a Process from my own every day learned experiences. Even more so importantly, from those I’ve seen through my own lenses who have gone through such an array of Trauma’s that I’ve witnessed and continue to process their “event’s” as he or she may heal… or not!

The one’s who move forward are the people who can focus themselves in the drivers seat of their life with complete control and look straight ahead toward that great big front windshield called “life” in front of him or her which is directionless; and then in that process… do their best to break away from that little rear view mirror that is so addictive to look back upon and can be so reflective of the past Traumatic event that may keep one stuck in “mud” and within their own mortality and sense of hopelessness.

My hope and goal will hopefully serve Trauma Survivors and family members in some fashion, a way to capture a purpose and help find his or her own road as they travel their journey and pathway should one find them self in the very unique world of trauma, grief and ultimate goal toward healing… that I may be of great support to!!